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As a follow up of the letter from DIKTENDIK DITJEN DIKTI Director number: 2034/E4.4/2014 of date November 6, 2014 about the Study Extension of Doctoral Degree for Post-graduate Education Scholarship Receiver of students class of 2011, we inform that the scholarship extension will be facilitated by DIKTENDIK DIKTI with some requirements as follows;

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Circular Letter
No. : 1610/UN10.14/PI/2014

Submission of Plagiarism Detection

Related to the implementation of plagiarism detection, some provisions needs to be obeyed as follows:

  1. Submission of plagiarism detection can be done in person or via email to the Quality Assurance Team

  2. Requirements for plagiarism detection filing must be accompanied by the submission form and consent form of promoter (Validation on manuscript of dissertation, thesis, or a journal article)

  3. Manuscript Thesis and Dissertation submitted to the Quality Assurance team per chapter in soft copy

  4. Attach a cover letter from the Chief of the Program


Circular Letter on Submission of Plagiarism Detection

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