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Wednesday, February 14th,  2018

Building 2nd Floor  of Postgraduate Brawijaya University


 Speakers             :

  1. Yovianus Toni (APIK USAID)
  2. Ir. Indra Gita, MM (BPBD Kota Malang)
  3. Ir. H. Bambang Irianto (Glintung go Green)
  4. Dr. rer. Nat., Arief Rachmansyah (Postgraduate Brawijaya University)

Moderator           :   Arief Riyadi, ST., M.Ling

Participants        :

  1. Postgraduate Student of Environmental of Brawijaya University (Magister dan Doctor)
  2. Environmental Engineering Student of Brawijaya University
  3. Malang Institute of Agriculture Student
  4. Postgraduate Student Communication Forum
  5. Glintung go Green
  6. USAID
  7. Choosen Lecturer  of Brawijaya University

Description         :

Environmental Discussion Forum is an activity that is expected to be a trigger application of science and cooperation of students of Environmental Resource Management and Development with environmental practitioners, environmental organizations, government and academics in environmental resource management. The theme of disaster was chosen given the increasing of disaster intensity due to climate change phenomenon that occurred in Indonesia during 2017, especially in urban areas.

Based on the above conditions it is necessary to make efforts to adapt to climate change, namely efforts to adjust to the impact of climate change that has occurred, especially in urban areas. Urban areas are vulnerable areas (eg floods and landslides), if development planning is not based on disaster-prone areas. Therefore, it is needed understanding, application and planning of urban development based on disaster, as a form of mitigation of climate change adaptation impact that happened to be discussed in Environmental Discussion Forum.

The Environmental Discussion Forum aims to enrich insights, sharing knowledge and experiences, providing ideas and solutions, among practitioners, experts, and academics in the case of urban development based on disaster. This will increase the capacity of students in the field of environmental science applications and strategies in applying science directly based on real problems in the field. In addition, information from practitioners will also be a stimulant that can accelerate the development of environmental resource management and development of science at the root of the problem in society. Furthermore, the existence of this activity is expected to be established by various parties, especially post graduate students with organizations, institutions, agencies and other related parties to apply the sciences obtained, so as to provide benefits directly to the community and become the first step to be able to provide activities which is beneficial and sustainable, especially in the environmental section in Indonesia.


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Come and Join in Guest Lecture and Book Launching

“Social Resilience To Face Disaster Eruption and Maritime Resilience Based Information System”

Monday, February 19th, 2018, at 09:00 – finish

Hall 3rd Floor of Building A, Postgraduate UB

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Darwis Baso, ST.MT



Wednesday, February, 14th, 2018



  1. Prof. Ir. Antariksa., M.Eng., Ph.D
  2. Dr.Ir. Harsuko Riniwati., MS
  3. Dr. Ir. H. Andi Tamsil, MS


  1. Prof. Dr. Ir. Zaenal Fanani., MS
  2. Dr. Ir. Surjono., MTP
  3. Ir. Lambang Basri Said., MT., Ph.D
  4. Dr. Ir. Ratna Musa., MT
  5. Prof. Dr. Abdul Hakim., M.Si (Pimpinan Sidang)

Title of Dissertation                             

Model of Increasing Satisfaction in Management of Surveillance Environmental Settlement and Community Behavior in the River of Pampang.


The purpose of this study was to formulate indicators of Community Participation, Service Levels, Role of Communities, Satisfaction in Infrastructure Management, and Behavior Responsible for Residential Environmental Infrastructure; analyze the factors that influence satisfaction in the service of environmental management of settlement environment; analyze the factors affecting the perilku responsible for the environmental infrastructure of settlements on the banks of the Pampang River; formulate a model of increasing satisfaction in the management of environmental infrastructure and environmentally responsible settlement and behavior. In this study will be tested several hypotheses in accordance with the indicator variable or regression relationship in the structure of relationships that are considered mutually influential both directly (direct effect) and indirect influence (inddirect effect). Hypothesis using SEM analysis (structural equation modeling).

Satisfaction in environmental management services has a significant effect on environmentally responsible behavior. The higher the satisfaction in environmental management services, the more environmentally responsible behavior will increase. The higher the level of community participation, the satisfaction in environmental management services and environmentally responsible behaviors will increase. The level of basic infrastructure services of residential environment has a significant effect on the satisfaction in the service of environmental infrastructure management. The level of basic environmental services of residential settlements directly does not have a significant effect on responsible behavior towards the environment, but this influence indirectly must be through satisfaction in the service of environmental infrastructure management. Satisfaction in the service of environmental infrastructure management is a mediator for the influence of service level of basic infrastructure of residential environment toward environmentally responsible behavior. The influence of society’s role on environmentally responsible behavior does not need to be mediated by satisfaction in environmental infrastructure management services.

Keywords: Model, satisfaction, settlement environment, community behavior


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