Management of Information system and Communication Technology

The primary objective of the course is to provide students with a deep understanding of what is involved in the Management of IT.  We will accomplish that by reviewing a set of conceptual frameworks of IT management, and by developing a critical view of two levels of IT management — strategic and tactical. We will address the value/importance of IT from strategic and tactical perspectives, and the IT management challenges of managing people, processes and technology.

The strategic content of the course will feature a broad review of significant management challenges before proceeding into assessing value of IT and MIS applications through case studies and empirical research articles. The tactical content will focus on a triad which gives a basic foundation in IT including technology, general organizational challenges (e.g., governance, sourcing), and specific skills in managing IT projects including a brief overview of PMI.  The course will conclude with an analysis of IS change and leadership strategies.

At the end of the course, students should be able to answer the following questions:

  • What is the value of IT to organizations?
  • What are the basic types of information systems and how are they really used?
  • Who are the players in IT: Leaders or Managers? the CIO, the project manager, the technical staff, and process manager
  • What are the major management trends that affect IT deployment and management?
  • What major knowledge and skill sets are available from the Project Management field that could be applied to IT (including offshore) management?
  • What are the variables that impact outsourcing of IT?  For example, how does off-shoring affect IT Governance.



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Benchmarking: Claremont Graduate University.


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