Ideology System: Comparative Study

The study of ideologies makes clear the impact that ideas can and do have on the lives of millions of people around the world. Without an understanding of the major ideologies and their philosophical underpinnings, a student literally cannot understand nineteenth and twentieth century political history, nor can she or he fully understand current events. A study of ideologies should impress the student with the fact that ideas are often the most potent forces in the political world– ideas as justifications and as unifying banners. This course will explore the ideologies themselves, but it will also explore the source of their appeal, and their practical impact on people’s lives.


Required Paper:

Using at least three and no more than five scholarly sources (books or journal articles–the sources must be found in Hale Library), and up to five articles in popular sources (newspapers, magazines) defend or oppose a particular ideology as it is manifested in the world today. Clearly state the position you wish to defend, as well as that to which you are opposed. If you choose to use a larger work from which a reader selection comes as one of your library sources, this will count as one of your required sources. You must meaningfully incorporate all of your sources into the paper and cite them using a standard method. The finished paper should be 7-10 pages long, double spaced with one inch margins on all sides. Any endnotes and a bibliography are in addition to the required 7-10 pages.




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