Strategic Plan and Work Program

  • The Strategic Plan of Universitas Brawijaya’s Multidisciplinary (Interdisciplinary) Postgraduate Program 2021-2025 is based on the Universitas Brawijaya Strategic Plan 2020-2024. In addition, this strategic plan is also made based on:
    1. Organizational Structure and Main Duties and Functions of Multidisciplinary Postgraduate (Interdisciplinary) Universitas Brawijaya;
    2. Universitas Brawijaya Multidisciplinary Postgraduate Strategic Plan 2016-2020;
    3. Main Performance Indicators (IKU) and Additional Performance Indicators (IKT) of BAN PT, UB Quality Standards (SM) and AQAS International accreditation indicators
    4. Multidisciplinary Management Review Report (Interdisciplinary)
    5. Conversion Supplement Instrument Indicator (ISK) for Superior Prodi
    6. Self-evaluation results that describe the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Universitas Brawijaya’s Multidisciplinary (Interdisciplinary) Postgraduate Program.

    The aims and objectives of the preparation of the Multidisciplinary (Interdisciplinary) Postgraduate Strategic Plan are: to realize Multidisciplinary Postgraduate (Interdisciplinary) and superior managed study programs with the same milestones set by UB, namely that Brawijaya University is required to always improve the quality of its educational process accompanied by efforts to increase its relevance in the framework of global competition.

    The purpose of compiling the strategic plan for the Multidisciplinary (Interdisciplinary) Postgraduate Program of Universitas Brawijaya is as a guide to support the realization of the vision-mission-goals and policies both at the national, UB, multidisciplinary (Interdisciplinary) and international postgraduate levels through main indicators (IKU) additional (IKT), Superior Indicators, and International indicators

    The Strategic Plan of Universitas Brawijaya’s Multidisciplinary (Interdisciplinary) Postgraduate Postgraduate 2021-2025 which has been approved by the Director of Multidisciplinary Postgraduate Program at Universitas Brawijaya at the Plenary Meeting on November 30, 2020, is the development direction of the Universitas Brawijaya Postgraduate Program in the next five years, to be used as a basis for the preparation of Work Programs Multidisciplinary Postgraduate (Interdisciplinary) Universitas Brawijaya and managed Study Programs.