Announcement of PKPI Batch III for PMDSU Batch VI Universitas Brawijaya


Following up on the letter of the Directorate of Resources, Directorate General of Higher Education, Research, and Technology number 5201/E4/DT.04.02/2023 dated Oktober 3, 2023, regarding the PMDSU Batch VI Promoter Cooperation Improvement Program (PKP) Offer, Batch 3 (list of names attached). This program is a mentoring activity for promoters for PMDSU students who are carrying out International Publication Quality Improvement (PKPI) activities. Through this program, it is hoped that it can support the success of the PMDSU Scholarship by fulfilling the target of at least 2 (two) publications of research results in reputable international journals produced by students who receive the Scholarship and also expand the network of PMDSU promoters.

In this regard, we ask for your willingness to disseminate this information according to the attached guidelines. For PMDSU batch VI student promoters who are interested and meet the requirements, you can immediately register online via the page using a login account which can be obtained through the PMDSU Scholarship Admin at the Brawijaya University Postgraduate School. Registration can be accessed from October 18-26, 2023.

For your attention and good cooperation, we are grateful.