Initiated in 1981 in the form of collaboration between the UB and the University of Gajah Mada to conduct Activity Programs Credit Collection (KPK) UGM – UNIBRAW.Program aims to assist in planning and implementing UB graduate education independently.

In early 1982 the Ministry of Education and fell SK opened two classes for the Social Studies Program of Agricultural Economics and Crop Science Program.

1985/1986 academic year opened Studies Program Land and Water Management, followed in 1989 opened a class for Interest and Post Harvest Technology in 1990 opened to the interests both of Forage in Crop Science Program, but a few years later both developed into its own program of study .

Since February 27, 1993 in accordance Higher Education Decree No. 104, 105, 106 / DIKTI.Kep / 1993 Graduate School perform activities independently with 3 courses (Economics of Agriculture, Crop Science and Soil and Water Management).

Since then PPSUB is growing with the addition of some of the courses include: Agricultural Technology Studies Program; Animal Science Program; Management Program; Science Program Administration; Biomedical Studies Program; Reproductive Biology Study Program; and PS. Water Resources Engineering

Since the academic year 1998/1999 PPSUB start organizing Agricultural Sciences S3, S2 and progressing to 12 PS. In the expansion until the year 2005/2006 PPSUB have 20 master courses and five doctoral programs.

Development reached PPSUB not come suddenly. Starting from a handful of students with the cost of private study and seek a breakthrough scholarship (ADB Loan, IAEUP, Karyasiswa, URGE, BPPS) until 2006, postgraduate students reach thousands of people.

Starting the academic year 2006/2007, based on the Rector of UB No. 030 / SK / 2006 dated 27 February 2006, the management of the Graduate Program monodisiplin field of study organized by Faculties while an interdisciplinary research program was held fixed at PPSUB. As from 1 September 2006, all courses have been organized directly by the faculty except for courses that take shelter in the Faculty of Engineering and Medicine still make the switch so it is still held in PPSUB.

Once the transition period is considered sufficient, in the even semester 2008/2009 academic year, beginning February 2009 under nauangan monodisplin Studies Program, Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Medicine can finally managed directly in each faculty. Since that time the history of the management of the UB Graduate School began a new round where PPSUB is managed under a special program of interdisciplinary study.

In the first semester of academic year 2010/2011, PPSUB have 3 and 1 Master of Doctoral Studies Program, namely: Environmental Resource Management Master Program (PSL), Master Program in Women’s Studies (PMKW), Master Program Archipelago and National Security (Wasantanas) and Doctoral Program in Environmental Studies and Development (PDKLP).