Strategic Plan & Work Program

The Strategic Plan of the Multidisciplinary Graduate Program of Brawijaya University 2016-2020 is based on Strategic Plan of  Brawijaya University 2015-2020. In addition, this strategic plan is also made based on:

  1. Organizational Structure and Main Duties and Functions of Multidisciplinary Graduate Program Brawijaya University;
  2. Strategic Plan of UB Multidisciplinary Graduate Program 2012-2016;
  3. The results of self-evaluation that illustrates the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the Multidisciplinary Graduate Program Brawijaya University.

The purpose of preparing the strategic plan of UB’s Multidisciplinary Graduate Program is to (1) Strengthen the recognition of Post-Graduate Program of Brawijaya University (after autonomy is given), (2) Improve the harmony with faculty of Brawijaya University (as the continuation of the organization’s health program) 3) Increasing the number of magister and doctoral Study Programs as well as the capacity of students (in line with efforts to improve national and international competitiveness).

In order to realize its vision and mission, the Graduate Multidisciplinary Program of Brawijaya University has made a long-term program for the next five years in a document of Strategic Plan of Multidisciplinary Graduate Program Brawijaya University 2016-2020. The preparation of the Strategic Plan of the Brawijaya Postgraduate Program has been based on the 3 pillars of the National Education Department Strategic Plan by (1) Equity and expansion of access to education, (2) Improvement of quality, relevance, and competitiveness, (3) Strengthening governance, accountability and imaging public.

The Strategic Plan of the Multidisciplinary Graduate Program Brawijaya University 2016-2020 which has been endorsed by the Director of Multidisciplinary Graduate Program  Brawijaya University at Plenary Meeting dated 16 May 2016, is the direction of the development of Brawijaya University Postgraduate Program in the next five years, to be used as the basis for the preparation of Program Work in Multidisciplinary Graduate Program Brawijaya University and other Study Programs in Universitas Brawijaya.

To realize the vision and his mission, PPS-UB has made a long-term program in the next 5 years a UB Strategic Plan 2011-2016. Strategic Planning PPS UB has been based on the three pillars of the National Ministry of Education Strategic Plan, namely (1) equity and expanding access to education, (2) improving the quality, relevance, and competitiveness, and (3) strengthening governance, accountability and imaging the public. Three Strategic Issues contained in Document HELTS (Higher Education Long Term Strategy) 2003-2010 Directorate General of Higher Education Ministry of Education, namely (1) the competitiveness of the nation, (2) autonomy and decentralization, and (3) the health organization, is also a strategic issues are used as a basis in preparing the strategic Plan 2011-2016 PPS UB.