Starting from September 2006 based on Rector Decree University of Brawijaya number 030/SK/2006 the Management of Master and Doctor study program was diverted to faculty in accordance to its scientific field. While the development of interdisciplinary studies was held in graduate program University of Brawijaya, which included natural and environmental resource management study program and its nomenclature was changed into Natural Resource Management Study Program.

The development of the interdisciplinary sciences substantially based on the development of human resources in University of Brawijaya, where they have completed their study in Indonesia and overseas. Besides that the demands of the development of science and technology rapidly growing beyond the boundaries and the domain of science in each faculty in University of Brawijaya, and the need for solving problems in the community very dynamic its dynamics also exceed the domain science in University of Brawijaya.

Thus the process of the establishment of interdisciplinary programs involving many relatively young lecturers who had just completed their studies from local and overseas university. The lecturers are always discussed for solving the problems faced by the community based on related science. They began to develop the preparations for the establishment of a new master study program with the vision, mission, goals and objectives of PSDA. Mechanism of drafting vision and mission for Natural Resources Management Master Program prefixed to the workshop on drafting vision, mission that representatives by all elements of graduate program and authorized by the Director of Graduate Program, University of Brawijaya in June 22th, 2007 based on Director Decree number 1504/D/T2007 involved lecturers, student and stakeholders, institutions partner, graduate program partner, and in master program of another university.