Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes :

  1. Mastering science and technology on the management of natural resources and development
  2. Mastering policy of environtmental development and regional planning
  3. Able to produce basic models, methods and / or basic techniques of innovative and testable for addressing environmental issues
  4. Able to analyze environmental problems at micro, meso, and / or macro levels and to formulate some efforts to solve problems by using inter-disciplinary approaches
  5. Skilled practicing to be being planners, consultants, researchers, managers and environmental assessments
  6. Having characteristics of environtmental manager (leadership, managerial,  working in team, etc.)
  7. Having high ethic and sensitivy on environtment problems
  8. Able to develop concepts and carry out scientific research in the field of environmental resources and development with inter-disciplinary, multi-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary approaches independently or in collaboration with other researcher or institution
  9. Able to communicate the research results orally and in writing in the field of environmental resources and development as well as publish in national or indexed international journals