The Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) is a large area of ​​the country and mostly consists of water areas. Indonesia’s vast territory brings both advantages and disadvantages. Indonesia’s territorial advantage makes Indonesia an archipelagic country that has a wide area / geography, population / demography, socio-culture and abundant natural resources. Apart from the advantages, there are several weaknesses of the Republic of Indonesia as an archipelago as a result of globalization and advances in science and technology which are national problems, namely the weakening of nationalism, national integration and national resilience.

The National Defense Insights Master’s Study Program answers the national problems mentioned above that commonly occur in society as well as executives and decision makers. To analyze and identify national problems, the National Defense Insight Master Study Program is considered a study program that is considered very important to answer national problems and challenges in the era of globalization from the perspective of Indonesian nationalism.

The developed curriculum is expected to be able to produce graduates who are able to answer the need for professionals in the field of national defense science and national insight with an interdisciplinary approach, practitioners and academics as well as other professional personnel in other interdisciplinary fields. Graduates are also expected to be able to design and carry out research and community service and produce products that can increase national insight, national resilience, nationalism and high national integration for the people and nation of Indonesia.