Scholarship Information

Graduate Program, University of Brawijaya (PPSUB) were established in the form  Activity of Credit Collection (KPK) cooperate with Gadjah Mada University since 1982. Start from academic year of 1993/1994, the implementation were independent by University of Brawijaya.

To improve the quality of human resources, UB’s Graduate Program promote scholarships for academic outstanding students. It is also useful to achieve the goal of the scholarship program as follows:

1.Provide research grants for doctoral students who contribute directly to the advancement of science and technology and development by their research

2. Provide a higher chance to improve the quality and competence of doctoral graduates

3. Doctoral student who obtained a grant of this study can complete their studies on time and as planned

4. To prepare Indonesian LECTURERS quality with international competitiveness by providing opportunities for graduate students (S3) in PPSUB to experience the international education system abroad


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