Committee of Quality Assurance

Quality assurance committee has been formed by the UB rector of the University by decree number 329 / SK / 2010, this committee is a normative institution and the quality assurance of all graduate activities at the UB, quality assurance committee is divided into several clumps in accordance with the scientific and program clump namely; Master and Doctorate of Social Sciences and Humanities, Economics-Business, Science and Engineering, Biological Sciences. To carry out these tasks the committee has the task:

1. Academic policy formulation, assessment of academic achievement, skills, and academic ethics academicians;

2. Assist Director of PPS UB formulate quality standards of education of Master and Doctoral Program in the Faculty;

3. Assist the Director to monitor the implementation of PPS UB Master and Doctoral Program in the Faculty;

4. Assist Director of PPS UB Evaluating the implementation of Master and Doctoral Program in the Faculty;

5. Together Center for Quality Assurance and Internal Audit Unit establish quality assurance systems and perform the audit to the Faculty which organizes Master and Doctoral Programs.

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