Vision, Mission and Goal

Vision of Women Studies Master Program:

“The vision of Master of Women Studies is being a center of excellent on Indonesian higher degree education by providing its service in terms of teaching, learning and researching by focused on women perspectives in order to create a Master Graduated with an excellent capacity to embody into the world civilization based on the equality and the gender equity ways.”

Mission of Women Studies Master Program:

  • To provide a professional education and learning services to create a practical-academician expert on women studies based on their research of interest;

  • To conduct gender-based research for developing new knowledge, research methodology and planning program on gender perspective as a fundamental development of science, methodology and program planning in many sectors;

  • To be able to apply and to address on some tasks to formulate a solution based on gender equity and gender equality.


The main goals of the Interdisplinary Graduate School of Brawijaya University of Women Studies program is to generate the Master Graduated qualify to do as follows:

  1. The Graduated are able to analyse both women and gender issues in various interdisciplinary and to solve the problem on both issues;
  2. The Graduated are able to apply research methodology focusing on women and gender perspective as a means to achieve the equality and gender equity;
  3. The Graduated are able to advocate and to find the solutions in terms of coping with the gender imbalance in many sectors.