PMKW Student Become a Presenter in International Conference

In order to improve the quality of scientific publications especially in the field of religious studies, the Islamic University of Malang (UNISMA) is holding an International Conference on Islamic Nusantara, National Integrity and World Peace. Through the title of conference, Islam Nusantara: Synergizing the Spirit of Feminist Brotherhood and Masculine Ideology into National Unity, this conference presents speakers from Indonesia and abroad, including Prof. Dr. Azyumardi Azra, CBE. (UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta); Prof. Dr. KH. Tolhah Hasan (UNISMA); Dr. Adam Bin H. Jait (Brunei Darussalam); Prof. Dr. KH. Said Agil Siradj, M.A (Chairman of PBNU); Dr. H. Abdullah Sagran (East Timor); Mrs. Ursula, Mc.Lackland (Secretary General of Universal Peace Federation Asia), on Wednesday through Thursday (28-29 / 3/2018).

The conference was attended by approximately 750 participants from all Rectors of NU University in Indonesia and students of various State and Private Universities in Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam and Timor Leste. From the 750 participants, 40 of them were presenters who presented the results of the research in papers in the parallel presentation sessions. The conference aims to gain a more mature and deeper concept of Islamic Nusantara, but it also aims to share experiences and knowledge about religious concepts and practices in Timor Leste and Brunei Darussalam.

Through the title of presenting, Islam Nusantara: Melting the Feminist Sisterhood and Masculinity Belief into National Integrity, Faridatus Sholihah, a student of Master Program of Women Studies of Universitas Brawijaya Postgraduate Program who had the opportunity to be a presenter, delivered Islam Nusantara present by bringing five basic principles used to synergize the intersection between ideology feminist and masculine ideology.

“There are five basic principles, such as No Discrimination, Respect for Human Rights, Rohmatan Lil Alamin, Caring for Local Cultural Wisdom, and Practicing Pancasila,” she said.

Every human being, Faridatus added, should realize that the key to national integrity is mutual understanding and respect. These two things are the main foundation of the five principles of Islamic Nusantara. Islam Nusantara is a State value asset that must be developed as a unifying instrument of the Nation, especially in the field of diversity of gender ideology.