Results of Internal & External Audit

To assure the services and quality of Master Program of Women Studies, Graduate Program,  University of Brawijaya and to realize the commitment in giving the excellent services, we conducted some audits as follows:

1. Internal Quality Audit (AIM)

Internal Quality Audit conducted by the Quality Assurance Team of Universiy of Brawijaya.

AIM Cycle 8

Scope of Internal  Audit (PDF)

Evaluation Sheet of Report on Internal  Audit (PDF)

Valuation of Evaluation Sheet (PDF)

Clarification Evaluation Sheet and Corrective Action (PDF)

AIM Cycle 9 (PDF)

AIM Cycle 10 (PDF)

AIM Cycle 11

Study Program (PDF)

Clarification Evaluation Sheet and Corrective Action Draft (PDF)

Evaluation Sheet of Reports on  Internal Quality Audit & incompatibility list (Corrective Action Requirement – CAR) (PDF)

Clarification Evaluation Sheet (click)

AIM Cycle 12

Evaluation Sheet

Implementation of ISO 9001

Excellent Services

Service Requirement (PDF)


Certificate of ISO (PDF)

Manual Quality (PDF)

Job Description (PDF)

External Audit:

  1. ISO 9001:2008
  2. Accreditation Visit by BAN PT accreditation team