Friday, May 4th 2018



Prmotor/Co-Promotors :

  1. Prof.Dr.Ir. Soemarno, MS
  1. Amin Setyo Leksono, S.Si.,M.Si.,Ph.D
  1. Dr.Ir.H. Hanafi As’ad, MT


Examiners :

  1. Dr. rer.nat.Ir. Arief Rachmansyah
  2. Dr. Ir. Sri Utami., MT
  3. Dr.Ir. Rustam., MS
  4. Ir. Lambang Basri Said, MT, Ph.D
  5. Prof. Dr. Abdul Hakim., M.Si (Pimpinan Sidang)


Title of Dissertation:

Strategi Pengelolaan Air Limbah Domestik  Padakawasan Permukiman (Studi pada Perumuhahan Sakinah Antang Kecamatan Manggala di Kota Makasar)


Summary :

Makassar also develops a centralized domestic waste management system managed by the Regional Government like other cities. Geographical factors and uneven distribution of population caused the government of Makassar City to build the infrastructure of a centralized domestic wastewater treatment system using the onsite system. This system is integrated with residential areas. Strategic residential areas according to the Medium Term Development Plan (RPJIM) of Makassar City are of concern in its development. New settlement areas built with more planned in the construction of one of them is residential area Sakinah Antang Housing District Manggala Makassar City.


The result of research from Bappeda Makassar City 2014 that every person in a day produce ± 0,25 kg of domestic waste with population in both settlement area amounted to 6,212 soul then it is estimated equal to ± 4.5 ton per day of domestic waste from residential area of Sakinah Antang District Housing Manggala Kota Makassar contribute to contaminate the city environment. This affects the high digestive diseases such as dysentery, cholera and diarrhea in residential areas.


The problem that happened was centralized domestic wastewater treatment system that is WWTP in city center that used to serve residential area of Sakinah Antang Housing, Manggala Kota Subdistrict still have few house connection (SR). Therefore, centralized wastewater treatment analysis is needed for better environmental sustainability. This decryption explains that wastewater management in residential area of Sakinah Antang Housing of Manggala Sub-district in Makassar City has not been optimally implemented considering there are various problems and obstacles are still happening. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the management of domestic wastewater in the residential settlement area with the intention that the domestic waste management can run and benefit optimally in improving the quality of the housing environment of Sakinah Antang Housing in Manggala Sub-district in Makassar City.


This dissertation research has several conclusions, on the technical aspect, the aspect of community participation is very necessary and must be supported by the legal aspects and regulations that are formulated by the government. So with the regulations requiring housing construction must have a centralized waste management system, then any housing that will be developed must comply with the rules. In the non technical aspect, the perception aspect of waste management becomes the most important aspect, because with good perception from society, it can support government’s policies through law or regulation related to waste. In the wastewater management in Manggala sub district there is the participation of the community, government and NGOs. The strategy that can be done is by the development of waste water infrastructure either by using the system on site and off site. This can be done using a planned strategy in accordance with the National Strategy on waste water management.


Keyword: Waste, AHP, SWOT, Shallow Sawarage, Housing