Announcement for Student BPPDN 3 Directorate General of Higher Education TA. 2014

Referring to the letter from the Director of Higher Education DIKTENDIK number: 2197.6 / E4.4 / 2014 dated November 19, 2014, concerning the Establishment Agreement Lecturer Graduate Education Scholarship Recipients of the Interior (BPPDN 3) Fiscal Year 2014, we hereby announce the names of students from the Program Masters and Doctoral scholarships PPSUB BPPDN.

BPPDN payments are set as follows:

  • Master Program (S2) year in 2013 (on-going) gets 12 months
  • Master Program (S2) year in 2014 (new) gets 24 months
  • Doctoral Program (S3) year in 2013 (on-going) gets 24 months
  • Doctoral Program (S3) year in 2014 (new) gets 36 months

The names attached will be published SK Rector as BPP-DN receiver fiscal year 2014, if it has carried out re-registration of odd semester 2014/2015. If there is any misinformation in this announcement, please immediately clarification to the Secretariat BPPDN PPSUB at 8:30 to 15:30 pm s / d dated December 12, 2014.