Announcement Recipient Extension Doctoral Studies, 2014

Following up on a letter from the Director of Directorate General of Higher Education DIKTENDIK number: 2363.10/E4.4/2014 dated December 5, 2014 regarding the Stipulation Agreement Extension Studies Lecturer Recipient Doctoral Program (S3) 2011, we hereby inform several things:

  1. Students S3 BPPDN receiver class of 2011 who passed received a scholarship renewal for odd semester 2014/2015 (more attached).
  2. Scholarship funds will be disbursed when the disbursement of the scholarship fund has been conducted by the Higher Education (already entering into account the Rector).
  3. Months of graduation will affect the amount of funds to be received scholarships.
  4. SPP funds that have been paid may be withdrawn if the scholarship fund of Higher Education has entered into account the Rector ((Schedule Refund will be announced later).
  5. The names that have been proposed by PPSUB online on the page but not yet PASS scholars as an extension of the study is due to:
  6. Pertinent data on the status page still LECTURER PDPT NOT FIXED
  7. Not to pass the Exam Proposal
  8. Not Uploading Publications / Scientific
  9. Not Uploading Study Progress Report signed by the Promoter and Chairman of the Program related.